High-Connection Live Videos That Sell 

Without The Cheesy, Sleazy Sales Scripts


Build your speaking confidence, skills and strategies to deliver live videos that make sales

(even if you're new to live video, or no-one showed up last time you went live 😬 )


🤝  100% Money Back Guarantee 🤝 

If you are not 100% happy with the course within 7 days, you can get a full refund. 

Learn How To Structure High-Value Videos That Sell

To grab your audience's attention and easily deliver impactful live videos that motivate your audience to take action - including working with you and/or buying your products or services.

Create Stories That Connect With & Sell To The Buyers In Your Audience

Storytelling for business, without having to be a Toastmaster/TED Talk/Professional speaker, or feeling as though you're sharing too much (or too little) information. 

Master Live Video Speaking Skills & Super Low-Tech Setup

Gain speaking techniques that will crush your inner critic so you can SHOW UP as the most confident, clear and concise version of you! There's also no fancy tech needed here - bring your phone or webcam and let's get started!

Here's What We Cover In

Go Live Get Visible

Learn how to go live and make videos that are as professional as you are in this 7-module self-study course. 

Prepare To Go Live

Mindset, Your Audience, Video Topics

  • The Go Live Mindset: The Unbeatable Attitude You Need Before Going Live
  • Attract & Repel: The Fastest Path To Perfect-For-You Clients
  • Live Streams That Stick: Maximum Confidence Topics That Connect

Make It Memorable

Stories, Structure & Speaking Skills

  • Stories That Inspire: Capture & Keep Your Audiences’ Attention
  • Value-First Videos for Visibility: The No-Stress Video Outline

  • Live Video Speaking Skills: Techniques to Crush Your Inner Critic

Countdown With Confidence

Get Set & Final Checks

  • Your Ideal Video Conditions: Low-tech, High-connection Live Videos
  • The Ultimate Facebook Live Checklist: Optimize Your Lives for Connection & Visibility

Here's What's Included

7 Step-by-Step Go Live Get Visible Video Modules ($297)

Implementation Workbook ($47)

BONUS: The 30-Day Get Visible Strategy Training and Workbook ($197)


Total = $541


Today's Price = $47


"If you are struggling to speak up, if you’re afraid to get in front of the camera, my advice to you is to step out of your comfort zone and really go after what you truly desire. I would highly recommend reaching out to Bri and doing this work!".

Samantha E.
Transformational Health Habits Coach

Hey, I’m Bri 

Your guide to finally feeling totally confident in your live videos. Guaranteed.

I’ve been there.

Avoiding creating videos. Overthinking what to talk about, how much to share. The “pre-going live” nerves. Watching replays with an overly critical eye. Hitting delete.

I was so worried about being judged.  

The truth is, I was always happier helping other people in the spotlight than being in it. 

I liked being the teacher but I was so much more comfortable talking to people in person than to a camera.

The first time I went LIVE, I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Going live to 16 people in my group was a nerve-wracking experience.

300 was all about BIG deep breaths and a power pose.

25K ... I was sweating bullets. 

But if you think about it, what I had to do each time didn't change.

I was prepping helpful content, pressing the Go Live button and sharing my message.

Sure, on some lives I had more live viewers, but that actually made it easier and more fun, not less. 

The stakes felt higher, but they weren't.

Every person that watched mattered, as did every conversation that happened as a result of those live videos. 

The beautiful thing about having the confidence and know-how to make live videos that sell is that it really doesn't matter how big the audience is.

Now, I regularly speak to small and large audiences' online and I’ve helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs take their next step with live video. 

AND btw, my most profitable live videos have been to an audience of less than 20 people. 🤫 

As a fellow entrepreneur, with 15+ years of communication, live video and public speaking expertise, I’ve learned incredible lessons - and some shortcuts - to authentically connect by sharing stories and experiences to ignite interest and spark conversations that lead to sales. 

I'd love to share them with you.

Live videos have a specific structure that works, and once you know it, everything becomes much easier, and your videos can become a source of excitement, connection, and income.

The quickest, and most effective way for your audience to see what you're all about is to actually show them who you really are and how you can help.  

High-connection, low-tech, valuable live videos that invite people to take the next step with you.

Yes, you can do that!

It’s time to Go Live & Get Visible!


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