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Help! I Don’t Know How To Get Paid To Speak: How To Reverse-engineer a 6-Figure Year

paid speaking strategy May 24, 2022

In the free Speaker Revenue Roadmap training video, I show you exactly how coaches and other experts just like you are using this strategy to quickly gain absolute clarity on the 90-day plan to meet their speaking and income goals without confusion, overwhelm... or the worst possible outcome… giving up! 

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The strategy shared in the video reflects the EXACT SYSTEM we have used to help dozens of non-fiction authors, coaches, and aspiring speakers quickly, predictably, and confidently achieve their speaking and income goals. 

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Stuck In No-Fee Land?

Getting started in the speaking industry and ultimately becoming a sought-after paid speaker can take a long time for aspiring speakers, coaches, and non-fiction authors, and many don’t make it past a few gigs or end up speaking for no/low fees (seemingly foreverrrrr!).

The speaking industry can be totally confusing when you’re getting started, and it can feel way out of your comfort zone to pitch and also to negotiate fees when you’re new to the process (fear of rejection, anyone?!). 

I speak with aspiring speakers every week, and I always hear the same questions from folks trying to launch their speaking careers:

  • "Where do I find paid speaking opportunities?"
  • "What are the best speaking opportunities to promote my business?"
  • "Can I - and should I - make an offer when I'm speaking?"

…And that is just for starters! 


Typically, there are three main reasons coaches, aspiring speakers, and non-fiction authors struggle to use speaking for fee-based income, to market their business, and to make sales.

  1. They are unsure about where and how to search for the right speaking opportunities to support their goals.
  2. They get totally focused on being paid for speaking fees alone and don’t know how to move from no-fee speaking to pitching for paid opportunities.
  3. They miss the opportunity to add complementary offers and services to add value for the host to ultimately justify their requested fee OR they don’t think to find other ways to be paid (think: new clients, courses/product sales, recurring payments, such as memberships or subscriptions).

Is this you? 


In all of my experience serving and talking with aspiring speakers, I hear these three struggles and pains all the time.


But these are only symptoms of a much greater issue - the real issue is lack of a clear "Point A to Point B" system that's easy to follow. A clear roadmap that's been proven to help people just like you get paid (one way or another!) for speaking opportunities - yes, please!


Become A Paid Speaker

This is where our 90-Day Pro Speaker Income Launch comes in - and 3 simple steps…


Step 1: The first thing clients on this path have to do is gain absolute clarity on their ideal audience and the offer to focus on promoting. This could be speaker fees only, promoting a book, program, or service, or simply raising your visibility and gaining valuable speaking experience for a set time/# gigs before you start to introduce fees.  


Step 2: Next we help our clients craft their World Class Message. This helps your pitches stand out like a lighthouse to hosts you pitch and clearly articulates how you will wow and serve the audience for their event or platform. Bonus: your audience is going to love it when you speak too!


Step 3: The last step in this 6-Figure Speaker system is creating your own 6-Figure Speaker Revenue Roadmap to capture your vision, strategy, and goals for speaking and your income, as well as a specific, simple and measurable weekly actions.

This way, you know exactly what steps to take when you work on your speaking business to make meaningful progress each and every week.

Before you know it… you’ll be saying “Look Ma, no hands!” 

1 step down, 8 to go!

This is just Step TWO in our 90-Day Pro Speaker Income Launch Program and it’s the clearest and most predictable and proven system for anyone serious about doing what it takes to achieve their income goals, launch their speaking business, and become a sought-after paid speaker…


We partner with each client we work with to achieve these steps in this exact order:

Phase 1: Stage

  • First, we’ll utilize our Stand Out Stage system that helps folks just like you find the best stage to meet your goals.
  • Next, our unique 6-Figure Speaking Strategy process ensures our clients have absolute clarity on the 90-day roadmap to meet their speaking and income goals FAST.
  • After that, they create a simple pathway for the buyers in their audience using our Talk Funnel Framework.

Phase 2: Message

  • The Signature Talk Map process will ensure success as clients create a high-conversion talk!
  • The Pro Speaker Prep system is the core mechanism for ensuring they can quickly and confidently prepare talks.
  • The last step in the Message Stage is to customize our Showtime process, which shows our clients how to deliver their Signature Talk to a live audience!

Phase 3: Spotlight

  • Once we have your Stage and Message in place we’ll kick off the Spotlight stage by building out their Speaking Business Launch system which allows them to create the simple processes needed for a flood of new speaking opportunities fast!
  • Next up: We help our clients confidently pitch for speaking opportunities - our unique model called the Pitch Dream Stages (hint: you’ve had a preview of that here!).
  • The final step of our 90-Day Pro Speaker Income Launch coaching program is to ensure our clients are able to confidently convert opportunities using the Booked Solid system.


Ready To Launch Your Speaking Career?

If you want to map out the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your speaking and income goals, you can book a time to speak with the team HERE.

In just 45 minutes, we will get clear on what's holding you back. Next, we'll map out a crystal clear, step-by-step strategy you can follow to achieve your speaking and income goals with confidence in the next 90 days.

And lastly, we'll decide if you would be a good fit for our 90-Day Pro Speaker Income Launch program, which works best for coaches, consultants, and other subject-matter experts who have an established premium offer or published non-fiction book (or launching a new offer into an established business) and are actively seeking support to grow their speaking opportunities. 

If that's you then click the link HERE to schedule your free strategy session. I look forward to speaking with you.

Speak soon!




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