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In just 45-minutes, we will work together to map out your entire speaking business launch and find out if I can help you meet and exceed your speaking and income goals.


How Does It Work?

You're an aspiring speaker - and likely also a coach, consultant or non-fiction author who wants to become a sought-after paid speaker.
You may have been stuck for a while, not knowing how to get your speaking career started, or spending way too much time searching for speaking opportunities, or getting stuck in the pitch process.
We can end that. Right NOW!
In just one short call you can gain clarity on your plan and confidence in the steps you need to take to get you earning income as a speaker, fast.

Please Confirm Before Booking

✅  I am a coach, consultant, subject-matter expert and/or non-fiction author who is motivated to launch my speaking career. 

✅  I have a Signature program or service, non-fiction book (or will soon).

✅  I agree to show up to the call ready to explore my speaking strategy and specific action steps.

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